We started HackHut to give hackers and DIYers a free place to document their work, host files for download, and find other projects for inspiration without the trouble and expense of self hosting or the annoyances of some of the other options out there. Of course there are other places you could host your hack, WordPress.com, Instructables, Blogger, etc. and all of them are fine, but at HackHut you’ll get a place just for us. We’re constantly trying to improve the site to fit your needs. Post here if you have any suggestions for how to make things better.

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Q. What image formats can I upload? Why not others?

A. You can upload jpg, png, or gif files. Other formats are not as size efficient so they make your pages load slower. Simply open your pics in any image editor and save them as one of the allowed formats.

Q. I have used up the entire 500MB of storage space, what can I do?

A. You can delete unwanted photos/files to make more room. If you can’t spare a square, contact us and we’ll add additional space if it is really necessary. We can’t guarantee everyone unlimited space but we will do our best.

Q. Do I have to use the same name for my domain as my username?

A. No! When your signing up the system puts the username you chose in the domain field ONLY as a suggestion. You can pick anything you want as long as it is letters and numbers only.

Q. My hack is illegal, can I still host it here?

A. If your hack is against any law of the U.S.A we regret that it will be taken down. If your not sure where your hack falls legality wise, contact us and we’ll let you know. If we are compelled to remove someones hack we will do our best to contact you so you may have a chance to remove it yourself.