Current features and some ideas for our site. Please comment with your suggestions for other features.


  • Totally free for hackers and readers. No need to signup to read
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Quick and easy to get setup. spend more time doc’ing your hacks
  • File storage and tracking so you can offer your users downloads. More info (HERE)
  • “Steps” allows you to break a project into multiple steps with links to each one automatically created. More info (HERE)
  • A store to sell your stuff. More info (HERE)
  • A contact form option to protect your email address from spam. More info (HERE)
  • Easy video embedding. More info (HERE)
  • Subscribe to comments
  • user avatars. add on from your profile
  • Share buttons (share a page on popular networks like stumbleupon, digg, etc.)
  • “Submit to” buttons (submit pages to sites like HackaDay, etc.). More info (HERE)
  • “My Network Comments” view your comments made on any HackHut sites. More info (HERE)
  • Import from other platforms (so far Blogger,Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal). More info (HERE)
  • Stats tracking (Google Analytics). More info (HERE)
  • Place to put personal site logo. More info (HERE)
  • Ability to edit and delete your comment after you post it. More info (HERE)
  • Ratings/voting system. More info (HERE)
  • Homepage that lists all sites with posts
  • Requested Hacks. submit or find ideas for hacks. More info (HERE)
  • Button to view multi steps all on one page. Added to the bottom step links only.
  • Improved “Sites on Hackhut” page with better sorting.
  • An Android app. More info (HERE)

In progress:

  • Image notes – (**Down the road) **Due to a limitation of the core software we use, this isn’t possible as of now. We submitted a trac request for the required changes but were basically told its not going to happen. Hopefully they’ll change their minds soon as the required changes could benefit many sites and open up the potential for many new features.
  • New theme – (down the road)

Not planned:

  • Sidebar contact form – (Create contact form on a page)
  • Ability to be notified when a new post is made by a user – (Use RSS)

If you have ideas for the site please add them to the comments below.