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Dragcave Egg Hack

I would like this hack to transfer all eggs that drop in the cave of a certain egg to go to my account. The breeds would be gold and silver.

coleco adam keyboard as USB

need coleco adam keyboard modified to work as a usb keyboard. will pay 100 dollars to have my keyboard function on my mac and windows computers

Null TCAdmin advanced 2.0

I want someone to hack or null tcadmin 2.0 advanced, I will love you forever if you null it for me. I don’t need updates since 2.33 is the latest, I will give you the files if necessary.

Thanks DjFML

Hackintosh Air

Modding a MacBook: using different PCBs, milling the case a little…

No Ink/No Scan

No ink, no scan with an Epson combo printer

Pack and Play Heartbeat

Modified vibrating block for a Graco Pack and Play.

Staples Easy Button Multiphrase Hack

I’d like to see a hack of the Staples Easy Button, which has been hacked many times before, but this one I haven’t seen.

Force Feedback Interface for MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro

Microcontroller access to Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro with game port connector. Control of the force feedback mechanism.

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