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Solder 'n' Code

Hack-Burn-Crash! Once more, with feeling!
Admin: relwin

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It isn't Done until it's Documented!

W.Carver's Project Repository
Admin: punish3r

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Cpu86's hacks

Nerd, out of mind, dangerous
Admin: cpu86

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Volt's stuff...

Just another HackHut site
Admin: volt

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B A D W O L F technologies Corp.

Building stuff and saving the world.
Admin: badwolf

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White Rose Engineering

Just another HackHut site
Admin: lackawanna

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3lite Shenanigans

Open-source Electronics, Robotics, and Retro gaming hacks
Admin: skaterj10

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The Science Foundry @ Hack Hut

Just another HackHut site
Admin: raysmith
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    Thu Nov 8th, 2012

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Circuits, code, and other projects

Just another HackHut site
Admin: viaload

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Just another HackHut site
Admin: skolnik

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Buy it, Break it, Build it!
Admin: rucalgary

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some coding, some shorting, some magic smoke...

Just another HackHut site to do stuff
Admin: zajebi

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KJ6EAD Electronic Stuff

My electronic hobby and contest projects.
Admin: kj6ead

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River Embedded

Arduino and Electronics Repair Projects (Usually for Music Production Technology)
Admin: rbwilliams

an easy way to help me out without bothering your site.

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