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PIKE : ZX12R Superbike Exhaust model / Modèle test d’un échappement de Ninja ZX12-R

PIKE : ZX12R Superbike Exhaust model / Modèle test d'un échappement  de Ninja ZX12-R

I’ve been toying around with parametric design lately and this is one of the output of this.
It’s the same 3 parts used to build this but this time on a superbike style instead.

Voici un exemple de design paramétrique sur Autodesk Inventor, 3 pièces sont utilisées et adaptées pour obtenir le résultat voulu.

Time/temps :  Inventor,1h30.

Full resolution here / Plein résolution ici.

4 Axis Remote Gimball

4 Axis Remote Gimball

This is old,like 2009 old,but I thought you guys might want to see what kind of stuff I built in college,so here it is.

The project was at first to design,mill and build a 3-axis cinema-quality camera carrier and have that remotely controlled over a river for a Montreal Company.After much of talk about their needs and expectations,a 4th axis came …..

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