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PIKE : ZX12R Superbike Exhaust model / Modèle test d’un échappement de Ninja ZX12-R

PIKE : ZX12R Superbike Exhaust model / Modèle test d'un échappement  de Ninja ZX12-R

I’ve been toying around with parametric design lately and this is one of the output of this.
It’s the same 3 parts used to build this but this time on a superbike style instead.

Voici un exemple de design paramétrique sur Autodesk Inventor, 3 pièces sont utilisées et adaptées pour obtenir le résultat voulu.

Time/temps :  Inventor,1h30.

Full resolution here / Plein résolution ici.

White and Black Carbon Fiber wrap-up on a ZX12-R / “Wrap” de vinyle texturé fibre de carbone noir et blanc sur ZX12-R

White and Black Carbon Fiber wrap-up on a ZX12-R / "Wrap" de vinyle texturé fibre de carbone noir et blanc sur ZX12-R

Here’s a photo-shoot I’ve made not so long ago with my ZX12-R completely wrapped in white and black carbon fiber vinyl.

Voici un shooting photo que nous avons réalisé il n’y à pas si longtemps avec ma ZX12-R complètement recouverte de vinyle texturé en fibre de carbone.

Thanks for checking / Merci de jeter un coup d’oeil!

/! Full Album HERE …..

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USB Analyzing Dongle and Set-up

USB Analyzing Dongle and Set-up

While waiting for the results of the 555 contest I decided to give a try at poking on USB device comms.On top of that,having to trouble shoot some kind of PSU failure,I thought that getting a cue on what my keyboard is doing (goes on and off) would show me if it’s hardware’s fault.

First off, to poke in the signals,you …..

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555 Contest Entries (BadWolf)

555 Contest Entries  (BadWolf)

Good day to all!

I hope you worked all month on your 555 projects to meet up the deadline cause here is mine!

Name: Emergency S.O.S. Beacon

Lovely Codename: Bacon Beacon (There’s a story for this,it’s at the complete end of this page ;P )

Category: Utility

What it is (in short):

The Bacon Beacon or BB is meant to be  life saving device. When …..

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4 Axis Remote Gimball

4 Axis Remote Gimball

This is old,like 2009 old,but I thought you guys might want to see what kind of stuff I built in college,so here it is.

The project was at first to design,mill and build a 3-axis cinema-quality camera carrier and have that remotely controlled over a river for a Montreal Company.After much of talk about their needs and expectations,a 4th axis came …..

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Touchscreen controled Car Suspension

Touchscreen controled Car Suspension

Video of the car toy on youtube

This project is the proof of concept number 3 of the DCC (Direct Control Console) I’ve developped to enable a direct control of Arduino via a serial interface.It is a modified model muscle car equipped with 4 servos to adjust the height of each wheels according to the data received …..

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Digital Caliper Hack/Mod

Digital Caliper Hack/Mod

Digital Caliper Hack on Youtube

While soldering a RJ-11 connector to get the data out I shorted the wires.
Surprisingly,some new letters appeared on the tiny screen.
I’ve uncovered some hidden functions!

Here’s the functions:

H – Hold
F – Fast Measurement (screen refresh at each change,way faster)
H M – Hold the further opened you get (could be useful for a momentum apparatus

Here’s a link if …..

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