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New feature – easier video embedding

New feature - easier video embedding

Not so much a new feature, more like a upgraded one.

Some users were having a hard time embedding their videos from sites like youtube. With the new system you’ll see buttons on the editor that allow you to do it easier

There are buttons for: Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Viddler, and MetaCafe. Most users will just use YouTube ( and we …..

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New feature – Ratings/Voting system

New feature - Ratings/Voting system

Another feature to announce. This one is simple to use.

the ratings system shows up on every POST you make (not pages) so readers can rate your hacks/articles.  Voters are logged by cookie and IP address so only one vote per user should be enforced, though if two or more people from the same ip address try and vote there could …..

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New feature – Editable comments

New feature - Editable comments

Another new feature to announce. This is one our site admins had asked for some time ago but we couldn’t get the bugs worked out quickly. Everything seems to be working fine now so we are releasing it. Hopefully there won’t be any problems but if you have any please send the admins a message here.

Editable comments allows the commenter …..

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New feature – Stores

New feature - Stores

We have a great new feature to announce, Stores.

We know that our site owners make some amazing things and sometimes people would love to purchase one of your hacks from you. Well now you have an easy way to sell your stuff. Why make one when you can make 5 or 10 for so little extra work, and offer them …..

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New feature – Submit to buttons

New feature - Submit to buttons

One of our users sent us a great idea for a simple but useful feature. The “Submit to” buttons!

Basically they allow anyone who reads your articles to submit them to HackaDay, HacknMod, and lifehacker with an email that’s all filled out and ready to go. They choose to add more info to the submission or send it as is, it …..

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New feature – Downloads

New feature - Downloads

The downloads feature allows you to upload files, and to place them into posts for users to download. The benefit of our system is that you can organize,  update, and remove files from a central interface as well as track how many times your files have been downloaded.

To add a file, from the post or page editor click the little …..

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attack of the 555 timers

attack of the 555 timers

As some of you know, we are sponsoring the 555 contest. We offered five $20 gift certificates and five sets of 40 555 timers for them to hand out as they see fit. In addition we are having a mini contest here on HackHut for those who choose to host their entry with us. You can read HERE for all …..

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Better stats system

Better stats system

As some of you might know we have had a hard time finding a good solution to provide stats tracking for our site admins. Some solutions slowed the site down, others have failed to record some traffic. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Well we have *HOPEFULLY* found the final answer. It involves a little work on your end. Our new …..

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New Feature – Personal site logo

New Feature - Personal site logo

We were planning to waiting on this feature until further down the road due to some limitations in software but some of our best members have been requesting this and a solution happened to come by so BAM!

To set a Personal site logo you must be the admin of the site. Go to: “Your Profile” and towards the bottom under …..

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HackHut Android app

HackHut Android app

We have created a VERY simple Android app to fetch the most recent posts from around HackHut. Enjoy.

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