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555 Contest Entries (BadWolf)

555 Contest Entries  (BadWolf)

Good day to all!

I hope you worked all month on your 555 projects to meet up the deadline cause here is mine!

Name: Emergency S.O.S. Beacon

Lovely Codename: Bacon Beacon (There’s a story for this,it’s at the complete end of this page ;P )

Category: Utility

What it is (in short):

The Bacon Beacon or BB is meant to be  life saving device. When …..

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555 Contest Entries (Jay – FightCube)

555 Contest Entries (Jay - FightCube)



Update 2:

The 555 board for the cradle swing is finished and installed.  For video proof check out this link:

A schematic is also posted above.

The headphone tube amp is also finished.  the high voltage for the tubes is generated by a 555 in astable mode driving a fet and a custom hand wound transformer. For video proof check out …..

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attack of the 555 timers

attack of the 555 timers

As some of you know, we are sponsoring the 555 contest. We offered five $20 gift certificates and five sets of 40 555 timers for them to hand out as they see fit. In addition we are having a mini contest here on HackHut for those who choose to host their entry with us. You can read HERE for all …..

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